Subcontract Internal and or supplier Audits       

Managing Internal and supplier Audits for businesses and organizations is one of the many services Vantage Quality provides. We can take the stress out of the internal and / or supplier audit schedule you have, we will improve your business processes as well as insuring you are maintaining and improving an effective Quality Management System.

Why Choose Vantage Quality to support your Audit program?

  • By using experienced specialists for audits you will kept your employees focused on the work they perform best.
  • Often a fresh set of eyes can see improvements that aren't always seen by the people using the system daily.
  • If you have ISO 9001, ISO14001 or ISO 13485, or even if you want to move to new standard Vantage quality are the right team to support your business.
  • Vantage Quality can Design the most effective Internal Audit Program to evaluate your companies business processes.
  • Develop and maintain a tailored and customized supplier Audit Schedule.
  • Prepare all applicable documentation prior to each audit.
  • Co-ordinate and conduct all required Internal or supplier Quality Audits within the defined audit cycle.
  • Maintain all Internal Quality Audit Records.
  • Management of non conformities with internal team or your supplier.
  • Attend notified body audits or competent authority inspections.  

Our clients have seen great results from outsourcing there audit program to us and have received positive feedback from there notified bodies.

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